"Then Dark" lyrics


Come down leave your tower
Calm cool higher power

Fear not being alone
Time to ebrace the unknown soon

A chthonic past
Could never last
Evading ire
Commence the pyre

Darkness calls
To cast a pall
All feeling gone
As morning dawns

What hath we wrought
No answer sought
Escaping wrath
A weary sigh
Beyond the cries and screams


Seeing fires bend below
The murderous plumes arrive
Passing every plan along
To see through your disguise

Leery of an unseen senser
Skyward masses teaming
Tools and talons want control
Of monsters evil dreaming soul

Shadows float across the floor
With silent murmuration
Strength in numbers... nothing more,
A focused, clear fixation

Mimic and control your fate
Adjusting natures laws
Cryptic tests won't fill the void
Stay loyal to the caws

Another menace come and gone
Devoted to the caws
After all there’s nothing more
Stay loyal to the caws

"At Your Surface" lyrics


Darker clouds
Rolling over eyes

Too much unseen
Is where danger lies

Uncoiled vines
Directing all your dreams

Is a little sad
Maybe it's just extreme

Here lies
There lies
Hear lies
Their lies
Here lies
Their lies
Somber scene
Hear lies
There lies
Strangely serene


Spin too long
What couldn't go wrong
Don't look down
Upside frown
Back against the wall
Waiting for the fall
That ringing in your ears
Magically appears

Churning in your head
Creeping dread
Don't try to hide
Horrifying ride
Swirling in your head
Weeping dread
Now here to die
From this ride
Pouring outta your head
Sleepy dead
Nowhere to hide
Stop this ride


Cosmic... drome, boost... ascent
Calling Amber, heaven sent

Sound of speed, conscious three
Jolted valve so unforeseen

Pressure... down, fear... descent
Advice to heed or vacuum bleed

Lunar names and cold lament


One tiny spark is all it takes to set it all in motion
Such pretty swirls expanding growing, gathering steam
Hazy brown or blue or grey or colors with no name
Waiting to be blown away for wind and rain they pray

From on high... from on high

Billowing plumes are rising blooming clouds rolling din
Closing in between the eyes and sun a raging dusted sin

From on high... from on high

From on high (repeat)


Icaro (repeat)

Whence 'tis taken, hath forsaken time
Wary purging, nigh recurring sign
Thy trance ending, now ascending, free
Purifying, hell, it's heavenly


Early '65, good time to be alive
Going in to play, just like every day

Lift the lid, pick a speed
Let's play this 45 on 33
The needle's going down

The rainbow label spins around
Mesmerizing sight and sound
This raspy little speaker's blaring fine

Another record high today
Under this spell, i drift away
Is someone calling out my name
Please don't bother me, it's spinning time

"Cosmosaic" lyrics


The stars she can
Reflecting from the rings upon her toes

Other side
She's cyan eyed
Never to return from all that's real

Once turned on
Sine qua non
Far away from sight she'll stay

Sunshine is still
Her favorite thrill
Smiles that can stop each rolling day

Shadow play
For hours she may
Eyes will close but memories won't fade

Sine qua non (repeat)


Daymare outta nowhere
slithering astray

Forty winks can't
send it all away

Can't tell now if
the writhing's on the wall

Adorned in blackened blue
the catacomb calls

Can't tell now


What have we here, assess the condition
Behold the albatross, drag it around
It's all a figment of your machination

Do it, buy the book
Start at chapter 111, read it six times
Got time for whatever, eye beholden
The watcher ain't listening

Digging deep down inside
A lost mine
Let it all slink in, no one will know

Gotta get out more
And down they go
Take it from one who knows, one won't do


Make room for the nefarious one
And off to oblivion
Pass the potion
As approved by the illuminati
Know how, no way

Spare me the homily
Don't just do something, sit there
And then left praying for the end
Only to start again

Seeing voices, all is well
A pain to kill
Haven't got the time to think things through

Down they go
And now you know
One won't do


Cellar is cool
Pay buy the rules
Art of the deal
Give in, get real

Beaming for show
It's all you know
Hang on for one last good buy

Grandest of schemes
Not what it seems
Something to lose
Chaos ensues

Dying a dream
Drown out the screams
Still longing for daze gone by


Senses rearrange
Colors feel strange
Endless prey for nocturnal thoughts
Fate arrives by casting lots
Poisons are never the same
Movements, sights, tastes and fingernails change

"More Fiend" lyrics "What the Buzzing" lyrics


and in this world, there's a forest
within that forest, stands a house
in this house, a closet
with a box, a dark box
in this box, lurks a man
inside this man is a dark mind
in a dark mind, was a dark thought
in the dark thought, was a dark world
in the dark world, was a dark forest
in the dark forest, was a dark house
in the dark house, was a dark...

never odd or even
evil did I dwell; lewd I did live

name now one man
satan oscillate my metallic sonatas


a smoke-filled room where happy persons congregate
there in the corner looms a man who has no fate
so hard to find
what's in his mind
maybe he's waiting for someone from yesterday
or so they say

remember way back when he functioned as a whole
but now his habits have begun to take their toll
prescriptions filled
more brain cells killed
there's nothing he can't do to stop the rate of decay
or so they say

a gloomy mood of doom has filtered through his haze
he knows he's entering another crucial phase
he drops his head
his brain needs fed
it's not so hard to be like him, maybe one of these days
or so they say


wake down not out then burn around
or submit to other ends
pretend, ascend
embrace the void avoid its presence master nil
again entwined before they swarm
manna tone, dropa stoned
release one's method there
fiendish bitter dire spin forever fall within


oh, hi
just wanna see you're low
another way to be

can erase the sky
hover around a while
and gravitate back down

no bye
be returning soon
for now that hallowed ground i seek
will be the life of me

i know the way back down

divining and descend
descending my way down


my sun shines - just not today
dark is fine - but not always
thought I'd seen the moon smile
it's setting high to stay


just speak the word
and we'll see

give and take

all you believe
time answers free

praise the lowered
shall they rise and see

and feel the white sky high

time sets all free

truth be sold
give and take

lies in between
all of your being


feel it reaping near
never been so clear
forever lying still
too much, too late, no will

ever one to seek
serenely passing through
knowing what's up there, too

facing sudden life
remains to be seen
how far, how fast, who's ruling

sent back where no one knew
how far, how fast, how true


something's happened
give us a sign
it's all going down can't you make up your mind

nothing's coming
would i help you this time
can you decide to leave the future behind

why are you waiting for it?

nothing has happened
are you lagging in time
something saying we all start out blind
call off the search but don't close your mind

are you still waiting for it?

SÉANCE - (Contact)

darkened smaze dreamons hang above...below
vine of souls evolving door
transveiled space no lapse in fear
do thy time or they appear


with glee I see them come and go
lately their numbers haven't grown
my wheels they grind
when forced to thoughts so kind
they try but my mind is my own
symptoms alone

i must not try to understand
reasons behind this single strand
i waste these days
inside this lonely maze
there's one escape my mind I've blown
symptoms alone

i've heard them say they really care
my mind leaves, my body only stares
they wonder why
they fail so hard they try
the secret's mine so bury my bones
symptoms alone


you in the light of dark
can invade by pouring in
on a swirl of smoke from your eyes
see the tar as you cry for flights
of a beauty extreme

you with my breath on a tine
I can see your soulicide
try to seize a red laugh drips to an end
you evade all attempts to retain
all in vain


drop into the scene
air is king
so disturbed it's pure
I have to want you more

can't believe you're near
more illusion no fear
hair and glisten neat
layer me down too deep

see her
see her play
feel her creeping


rise and shining rays appear
before your eyes open
better load the craft... depart
engaging autoflight
taken by the frequency
no longer just getting high
I'm getting out
wake me at dark o'clock
blue left behind
soon endless night
just black
rear view merely waves goodbye
smile and pop a meal
can't go out to play today
but I can wait
finally found the time
to seek and hide
and lie and hear and think and sigh
on the highest way
I've found a way

Other lyrics

IN SLOW EMOTION (from Psychedelica vol.1)

a frozen eye
a poisin cue
coming to

awake, asleep, a lie
no turn left unstoned
can't take the lowly one a day or two

chosen high
a natural low
eyelid show

it's only a matter of space
the point of you
misoverstood the stratus ride
your highness peaks

then all is well
feeling fine
brightside rush
in slow emotion

all smiled out

back in shell
reeling fine
head full of whys
in slow emotion