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Courtesy of the awesome bloodmeridian67, here's a fantastic video for "Here Lies", from our new album. Thanks Blood!


"Then Dark" is now available on Bandcamp, and everywhere else on Dec. 28.

Also, Happy Winter Solstice! For you stargazers out there, Jupiter and Saturn will align to shine together like one giant star after sundown tonight, over the southwest horizon, in a rare planetary event. Hope the clouds don't get in the way!

Enjoy the holidays, be well and stay safe!


Courtesy of the awesome bloodmeridian67, here's a fantastic video for "Here Lies", from our new album. Thanks Blood!


It's official! Our fifth album, "Then Dark", will be released initially on Bandcamp via digital download and CD on Dec. 21. "Then Dark" is a 7-song amalgam of darkly melodic, languid, guitar-centric voyages, inspired by all the music we love. Hope you dig it! (CDs will ship starting December 28, and digital downloads from the usual online suspects also will be available starting December 28.)


Hey, Floorian is now on Bandcamp! Click here and follow along.

Also, a big shout out to our good friend Jerry Kranitz who has turned a 10-year labor of love into his first book, "Cassette Culture -- Homemade Music and the Creative Spirit in the Pre-Internet Age", recently released on the esteemed German label, VOD Records. From the press release:

"The book takes a social history/analytical approach to the growth of the global cassette culture/homemade music network that sprouted and flourished from the post-punk era through the early 1990s. The author explores how the participants communicated, traded, collaborated, and set up cottage industry labels to distribute their work. A long-overdue study of this pivotal yet less than comprehensively documented chapter in the post-punk and 20th century independent arts movement stories."

It's 320 pages and includes a 2CD set (almost 160 minutes) of wild underground music from key artists of the DIY movement. Way to go Jerry, what an amazing accomplishment! You rawk! Check it out.


Greetings everyone, we hope all of you are staying well and being safe. We've been plugging away as usual, and it's time to start catching up on the latest happenings in Floorianland.

Hard to believe it's been 16 years since we released our first album, and now #5 is being mastered and almost ready to go! We'll let you know the release date very soon, so stay tuned. It's been a wondrous voyage so far, and we hope you'll savor the latest fruits of our labor.

In the meantime, check out a couple of Floorian-related projects which John and Larry have been involved with the past couple of years: Manos (experimental rock) and Soma Flux (dark ambient/power electronics). Dig it!


COLUMBUS, OHIO -- In an April 1 press release announcing plans to
unleash their highly anticipated 5th album in 2019, Columbus
psychedelic rockers Floorian have expressed regret that the release
could hit the streets around the same time as the new album from
experi-metal titans Tool, and likely steal some of their thunder --
and sales.

"It's too bad, but it is simply unavoidable", said a spokesperson for
Floorian's vast marketing team, adding that Floorian band members have
no ill-will toward Tool and are sure that Tool will land on their feet
despite the timing faux pas.

Tool's label and management have yet to respond to the news, although
band members have already chimed in. Lead singer Maynard James Keenan
reacted with a single-word tweet, "who?". When guitarist Adam Jones
and drummer Danny Carey were asked about the timing of the release
during an interview, they responded in unison, "who?". And bass player
Justin Chancellor replied to our email inquiry, saying, "yeah, those
guys rock, but who cares?".

In a related development, a handful of internet news outlets have
reported Tool's plans for an upcoming tour with The Who and some guy
named Florian filling in on drums.

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