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more reviews have come in...check them out on the hearsay page.

our song "alt.11" is currently part of spacerock radio show #59 at aural-innovations, and "in slow emotion" and "lenka" were played on the 9/4 and 9/16 webcasts at


our debut release "what the buzzing" was well-received by the fine people at (a fantastic database of psych bands). they called it an "impressive debut. best psychedelic record this year - so far". read the full review here.

our song "in slow emotion" kicked off spacerock radio show #54 at aural-innovations, and "or so they say" was played on the 8/21/02 webcast at

"what the buzzing" is now available for online credit card orders at and Cranium Music.

get a free cd! we'll send a copy of "what the buzzing" to the first person
who can tell us who did the music for either of these television commercials - hear the MP3s here: 1 2 . we've had no luck finding out who's behind these excellent tunes... maybe you can help us.


just a quick update to let you know: our cd, "what the buzzing", is now available through and check out both of these excellent sites for your musical pleasure... if you place an order, tell them we said "hey".


welcome to our web site.

thanks for looking in... but we'd rather you listen in... there are MP3 samples and one full song from our debut release "what the buzzing" available for free download on our music page. if you like what you hear, you can buy our cd by following the purchase information link. we've also provided some reactions from listeners (hearsay) and some links you may enjoy.

please check back periodically... this site is a work-in-progress, and we'll be adding things as we go along.

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