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as mentioned in the last update, here are MP3 excerpts (1,2) from an alternate take of "aether spill", the song we recorded at the Olentangy Indian Caverns. look for the "official" version on a future release. here are pictures from the session taken by Jerry Kranitz ... thanks Jerry! check out his latest issue of Aural Innovations.

songs from "what the buzzing" continue to make their waves through cyberspace. "in slow emotion" was part of Gary Fosster's 2.14.03 Eternal Fusion show, broadcast on the legendary Radio Caroline. and "heavium" was played on a recent webcast of "turn me on, dead man"... thanks to our friend Valis in Toledo!


happy new year!

kicking off 2003 with good news...we've finally found a second guitarist! alex mason, who helped us out in our recent cave recording session, is now the newest member of floorian. in addition to revitalizing our infamous stage presence, we hope to draw from his vast experiences in wardrobe and choreography. just kidding...welcome aboard alex!

speaking of the cave session (see 12.12.02 update below), we're hoping to post MP3 excerpts in the next week or two.

another nice review of "what the buzzing" is in, this time at "one of the best psychedelic records of the year", says Matt Shimmer. dig it.

we'd like to thank Pete at who, in addition to playing several tracks from our CD, played our BJM tribute song on the 12/16 webcast. click "the archives" link to listen to any of his shows.


happy holidays!

as mentioned below in the last update, here is an MP3 (6.8 MB) of our tribute to the Brian Jonestown Massacre. we tried something a little different for this occasion, morphing three BJM songs into one. hope you enjoy it...let us know what you think. thanks go to Greg Shaw at bomp! and Anton of bjm.

our 12/8 recording session at Olentangy Indian Caverns was very cool, literally, as the caves remain at a constant 54 degrees. check back soon for
the "rock"ing results. a special thanks to Trent and Natalie at OIC for all their help, and to Chris and Pam at Blue Moon Recording Studio for the use
of some of their equipment.


greetings... it's been a while since our last update – things have been busy. todd & john went to Terrastock 5 in Boston in October. an absolutely astounding weekend! If you've never been to one, you have no idea what you're missing. we've also been working on material for our next album, including a session we're recording in a cave... more on that down the road. we've also finished a song in tribute to the Brian Jonestown Massacre which we hope to post here sooner or later.

Jerry Kranitz reviewed our CD in his latest issue of Aural Innovations (#21) along with the usual plethora of fine reading and listening material. dig it. played two more tracks from "what the buzzing", "somic" (11/14) and "auravine" (10/11).

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