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still hear... busy recording, gotta go... later.


we've been invited to be a part of the OVNI records vegetable man 10" project. 60 bands perform Syd Barrett's Vegetable Man in 10 seconds. the final is supposed to be out by the end of the summer – it should be a very interesting listen.

thanks to everyone who came out for our live show at Red 16 and thanks again to Tiara for having us open. check back periodically for future shows. in other live happenings, our on-air performance and interview on WOBN's Local Buzz was alot of fun. thanks again to Tessa and Nick.

if you haven't heard our Brian Jonestown Massacre tribute "India Around Who", go to and check it out – its the grand finale of the 6.27.03 show. while you're there enjoy the other sonic servings.

last but not least, drop by the new web site of Blue Moon Studio. we've recorded there and so should you. drop by and talk to Chris or Pam and tell them we said "hello".


we had the pleasure of hanging out with Aural Innovations maestro Jerry Kranitz before a recent rehearsal – shooting the breeze, talking trippy music and all things floorian. somehow, Jerry managed to make sense of our ramblings in his floorian profile/interview, available now for your perusal in a fine new online issue of Aural Innovations. we continue to be appreciative and humbled by Jerry's support and enthusiasm for our music.

come one, come all!
on Saturday, June 7 we'll be playing a show with our friends Tiara at a cool club called Red 16, located in the Ohio State campus area. have no fear, we'll work our gear, just bring your ears (and maybe a few beers).

WOBN, the radio home of Otterbein College, has been spinning songs from "what the buzzing" on their show, The Local Buzz. stay tuned, as we may be playing a live on-air show there sometime in the near future! thanks go to Tessa and the staff at WOBN for their continued support of local and independent music.

last but not least, check out the latest excellent issue of Dream Magazine, featuring tons of reviews, articles and images from the fringes of music and beyond. comes with a free cd, too! not to mention a review of "what the buzzing"... and speaking of fine music magazines, a great new issue of The Broken Face (#16) is now available as well... both of these can be found at – highly recommended!


we've been busy rehearsing for future shows after welcoming our newest member, Bill Spiropoulos. Bill will augment the floorian sound by playing keyboards, guitars, sitar, strange effects and other top secret crap. the youngest member of floorian, Bill lowers our average age by 1.6 years each... thanks Bill!

thanks to Todd and Valis at "turn me on, dead man" for adding "heavium" to their daily webcast playlist.

"in slow emotion" was played online and over the airwaves (94.9 FM) in Monterrey, Mexico as part of the February 24th Eufonia radio show. go to to check out the weekly two hour shows that Jesus Diaz and friends have been putting together for the past three years - thanks Jesus!

as usual... thanks to Pete at for playing "alt.11" (1/17) and "heavuim" (3/17) on recent webcasts!

that's it for now... in our next update we hope to have some gig dates to report.

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