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a new floorian song is available, just in time for the holidays! Volume 3 of "The Vegetable Man Project" includes our full rendition of Syd's swan song with Pink Floyd, along with versions by 19 other bands from all over the globe including our Cleveland friends, New Planet Trampoline. email us if you want to buy a copy.

speaking of cover versions... check out The Brian Jonestown Massacre Fans' Covers Project website (courtesy of our friend, some spaced dude!) for a plethora of wild takes on some BJM classics, including our tribute song, "in around who?".

6 new reviews are in.

and thanks to everyone who came to our recent shows in Philadelphia, Cleveland, Akron (with the amazing Paik!) and Columbus. looking forward to more road trips in 2005! see you on the other side...

10.22.04 - a sad day

we are shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of our friend and mentor, greg shaw... our thoughts and prayers are with the shaw family and everyone at bomp!. we miss you, greg... may you rest in peace.

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greetings. "what the buzzing" officially hit the streets yesterday and should be available at your favorite hip record store... and if they don't have it now, they can get it for you quickly. if for some reason they don't, er, can't get it, no problem... just go straight to the source at Bomp!, and don't forget to check out some of the other great psych and garage goodies available there. we'll be adding a "purchase" link here as more outlets are confirmed, so check back soon.

also, check out our page at, a really happenin' internet community where you can hook up with all kinds of like-minded bands and cool people!

we're in the process of setting up shows in the midwest/east coast for the fall... if any of you out there can/would like to help us come to your town, please drop us a line at

we've added some shows - see you out!


greetings. we've been outrageously busy the last couple months, and for good reason! we're thrilled to announce the "official" release of "what the buzzing" this September, thanks to Brian Jonestown Massacre main man Anton Newcombe and his fine label, The Committee To Keep Music Evil (part of Greg Shaw's legendary Bomp! stable of labels). this release will include 4 new songs (28 min.), as well as selected favorites from the original self-released cd. we'll post the release date once we find out. we'll also be playing a number of shows in the midwest this fall to support the album -- we'll post them on the shows page as they're confirmed.

speaking of shows, thanks to everyone who came out to the Grog Shop on July 3, and the Short North on July 7. the night at the Grog was a blast... the best time we've ever had. great crowd, so many cool people... not to mention groovy music and trippy visuals! just an amazing vibe. the response to our set was awesome... check out for some thoughts and pictures... thanks to everyone there for their kind words. and thanks most of all to the Volta Sound and Infinite Number Of Sounds for inviting us along for the ride... check them out if you get a chance!

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hope to see you out!


happy cinco de mayo!

recording of new material continues and is going well. along the way, we completed our full version of "vegetable man" for volume 3 of "the vegetable man project", which should be out later this year. in the meantime, check out volume two.

we continue to update our "shows" page. come out to see us and say "hi". preferably before or after our set, as we probably won't be able to hear you through the din.


recently we've had the pleasure of playing shows with a couple of really cool bands from here in Columbus, Aether and Church of Hed. it's not always easy to find like-minded bands to do shows with here... these two bands not only make some fine music but they are also good people. a good time was had by all who attended the proceedings. check out their web sites or even better, check out one of their shows!

speaking of Aether and Church of Hed, you can hear them along with us on the latest Aural-Innovations Space Rock Radio Show #101.

for those of you with access to the iTunes music store, "what the buzzing" is now available there, as well as these other places - AudioLunchbox, Napster, DiscLogic, NetMusic, MusicMatch, Rhapsody and MusicNet. 99¢ for 10 minutes of "Symptoms Alone"... now that's a deal. Thanks to Derek and everyone at CD Baby for making this happen.


we've added some new dates to our shows page. see you OUT.

still busy recording... new update soon.


we hope everyone had a great holiday season!

just wanted to let you know we've added some dates to our shows page. we'll be adding dates as they are confirmed.

we'll post a full update soon. if you can't wait 'til then, come to one of our shows and ask us "what's going on?" in person and we'll give you all the details.


greetings. our apologies for the lack of updates... recording and rehearsals have kept us quite busy the past few months. we've had a few too many obstacles for our liking in regards to playing shows, but we've gotten a goodly amount of new material canned and it shan't be long before new floorian sounds spring forth from both stereo and stage.

in the meantime, we've got a taste of "Vegetable Man" ready for your platter. "The Vegetable Man 10" Project", as mentioned previously, is now available and includes our sprawling ten-second rendition, along with 59 other mind-numbing interpretations of Syd's swan song with Pink Floyd. hopefully, in our next update, we will have information on purchasing it domestically, for now you can get it directly from the label.

thanks again to Pete at for playing "symptoms alone" as part of his 11/24/03 show. an endless supply of head music awaits you there. check it out... the 10/8/03 show in particular gets a rousing floorian nod of approval.

and finally... thanks to the fantastic folks at CD Baby, our "what the buzzing" CD is now a scant click away - at of all places. we especially get a kick out of the Beatles, Floyd and Hendrix recommendations that pop up on the side of our listing page. however, we were saddened that floorian didn't pop up on their pages.

until next time... have a great holiday season!

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