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hiya. several happenings to get caught up with...

new album: all the songs are finished and we're now working on artwork, mastering, and all the other necessary things that goes into putting out a cd.

t-shirts: we have them in our hands and will be making them available very soon.

shows!: er, one show, that is... at least for now. we'll be playing in st. louis on saturday, october 4 as part of "the strolling cones cock and bull sonic circus" festival. old floorian veterans larry and alex will be joining us on drums and guitar, respectively, along with our new keyboardist extraordinaire, jim chittum. welcome aboard, jim!

speaking of which, we're sad to announce the departure of our favorite multi-instrumentalist and resident unsung hero, bill spiropoulos, who relocated to new jersey recently. bill and his cache of sonic goodies will be missed but never forgotten, and we hope and pray to make beautiful noise with him again one day. good luck, billiam!

stay tuned for further transmissions...

greetings floorianites.

we have emerged from our black hole to bestow upon you the latest essential happenings:

new album:  "already?"  ok, seriously, we're down to the last song... dark at the end of the tunnel, yada blah etc... anyway, we shan't be long now.  whatever "long" means...

websighting:  check out the new cyber-digs of the committee to keep music evil, courtesy of rob campanella (of the quarter after) and anton newcombe (bjm)... thanks to them for keepin' on.  many fine treasures can be found there -- vinyl, cds, mp3s, t-shirts, stuff -- and the latest release is the quarter after's new album, it'll be out march 18, and we all need to have it.  yeah.  hey, speaking of t-shirts, we're hoping to have some wigged-out floorian threads available before too "long"...

sometimes people ask:  "when is your next live show, it's been a while?"  hmm... the broken record, as usual, is "we're still workin' on it."  not only do we take the necessary time to finishing new music, but the hours we've spent/lost trying to put a band together has been painfully frustrating... endless e-mails, flyers, phone calls, meetings, jams... a relentless parade of futility so mind-boggling that it's actually become comical, even "tap"-esque, at times.  oh well, at least no one has spontaneously combusted on us (yet).

over and out.

happy new year!
now we can confidently say we will have our new album done by the end of this year. it will happen. hopefully floorian will see you at a live show in 2008.
more to come.

(see 5.23.07)

so yeah, we're still here making music. dying to play some shows after we finish a new album.

that is all.

happy new year!

yeah, we're still busy recording, and it's going pretty good... so what else is new? well... we're working on setting up some live shows for 2007. we'll keep you posted as things progress. it's been too long... hopefully we'll be coming to a town near you.

in the meantime, a few more reviews of "what the buzzing" have drifted in from across the pond. it's nice to know we have fans in england, italy, belgium and so many other places across the cosmos. we'd love to tour europe someday... stranger things have happened.


recording is going well...
new visuals for live shows being created...
that's our story and we're sticking to it...




alrighty, here's the dope: not much new to report since we last checked in, other than we're still up to our necks in recording... therefore, still no shows on the horizon. your patience shall be duly rewarded... only the shadow knows when that might be, but as time continues its relentless march into oblivion, we'll be resurfacing with the goods before you know it.

in the meantime, the "psychedelica vol. 1" 2cd comp is now out and available for aural consumption. it's truly psublime... one of the best comps ever, and we're honored to be a part of it. we bow our nodding heads in praise of ollie and scott at northern star records, who somehow assembled this monolith of 33 bands -- purveyors of the finest psych, spacerock, dronepop and just plain freaky sonic mind-expansion techniques that our majestic cosmos has to offer -- all taking dead aim at your third ear. no shit! don't just buy it... buy the hell out of it!

the terrastock 6 music festival april 20-23 in providence was epic as usual. an amazing weekend which mere words could never do justice. so... there. maybe we'll be lucky enough to play at one someday.

and lastly, some not-so-good news: the spiritualized tribute comp mentioned in the previous update has apparently met its maker, so our version of "sway" is seeking a new landing pad... we'll keep you posted.



greetings earthlings.

as you may have noticed, things have changed a bit lately at this here website... and it only took us about six freakin months to do it! but it's finally done ("already?!") and we hope you find everything okay. please let us know if you run into any oddities along the way and we should be able to have any such kinx worked out by late '09, if not sooner.

aside from the webshite ordeal, the majority of the time that we've been able to set aside for floorian since last summer has been spent in recording mode. we decided to take a break from shows, then we were hit with offers to be included on three different compilations that we couldn't pass up. aside from "siafu" (mentioned in the previous update), we recorded a new version of an older song of ours, "in slow emotion", for the awesome "psychedelica volume one" comp, hopefully coming in march from the fine folks at northern star records ( and there's also a cover version of "sway" floating out there for a proposed spiritualized tribute album. the downside to all this is that it pushed back the recording of other new material for our next album, but we're getting back on track and we're also looking to get the live thing together again for shows in the spring and beyond.

in the meantime, feel free to check out:

• more mp3s
• more reviews
• a full discography
• and of course, how to buy floorian!

don't forget our page...

thank you all for your continued support... hope to see you soon!


Apologies for not keeping in touch but we've been busy, as usual, with all things Floorian and otherwise. We've been recording new songs, one of which we offer you here, called "Siafu" (4.5 MB). It came out this summer on a compilation CD of Columbus bands called "No Token Needed - Vol. 3". Thanks to Stephen Slaybaugh and the good folks at Columbus Alive for getting the music out there. More thanks to Colin and Christian at Supraphonic Recording.

No shows planned for the near future as we continue in recording mode involving several different projects... we'll go into greater detail soon when we unveil a much-needed revamped version of this site. It should be done in September.

See you down the road.


more shows.

4 more reviews.

an article.

and, oh yeah... todd and john joined their friend valis from toledo last weekend for a road trip to madison, wisc. to see psychedelic legends plasticland, and it was freakin' amazing!!! they're still one of the greatest bands ever... let's just say it was worth the 20-year wait! check out their website, drop 'em a line and tell 'em to keep on keepin' on... maybe they'll come to your city!


We've added some dates to our shows page. More extensive update soon... OUT

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