News Archive 02/15 - 09/18


Greetings from Floorian headquarters. Yes, we're still alive, quietly and loudly toiling away, recording a fifth album for your aural perusal. Why? Because we can. It's what we love. Alrighty then, back to the grindstoner. That is all. Oh, and this...


Hey, we're still here! Rejuvenated from a much-needed break after a busy 2017 -- not to mention the lengthy come-down from the high of that wild Vegas trip. So we're back to the grind… time to whip up a new batch of freeform doom-jazz explorations, inspired by the masters.


We had a great time at Psycho Las Vegas. Thanks to the bands, fans, and all the Psycho staff that made it happen!.


See you in Vegas! Psycho Las Vegas


We had a blast at our recent shows in Milwaukee and Columbus. So many great bands and people. For right now, our next show is Psycho Las Vegas in August... and we're really looking forward to that.

More "At Your Surface" reviews are on our press page.

Over and out.


We've been invited to play some cool shows this summer. Check out our shows page for all the info.

A few reviews are in for our new album, "At Your Surface". You can read them on our press page.



It’s official… Floorian will play Psycho Las Vegas in August! You may want to adjust your gravity settings because this thing is going to be HEAVY!

And in other news…
The mysterious entity known as Bloodmeridian67 is a tireless advocate of psychedelic music whose awesome YouTube channel has become a cult sensation. His mind-boggling array of exquisitely crafted cinemusic videos are a sight/sound to behold. He's done pieces for a bunch of Floorian songs, and his latest masterwork for "Agra Man" is spectacular! Dig it!
Thanks, Blood!

Trip Inside This House is a weekly 2-hour radio show hosted by psychedelic music savant extraordinaire, Valis, on KDHX in St. Louis. His Dec. 6 show featured a double dose of new Floorian songs, "From On High" and "Spinning Time", and every show is a treasure trove of the best psychedelia from across the galaxy. Streams for all shows are available for two weeks at the KDHX archive, so act now, don't delay!
Thanks, Valis!

Some Floorian tracks have been in rotation on Robert Prichards awesome show "Bushwick Garage" on Radio Free Brooklyn. Can't thank him enough for including us on his audio trips.
Thanks Robert!

All for now.


Our fourth album, "At Your Surface", is released today!
Get yours now on our "merch" page.


Psyched to announce the release of our fourth album, “At Your Surface”, on Friday 11/11 available here and elsewhere. More info to come.
Check out: “Space Rock - An Interstellar Traveler’s Guide”, an awesome 6-CD box set featuring the Floorian song “Overruled”.


We had a great time in Austin! Even though Levitation was cancelled, all the impromptu shows and house parties were a blast! It was nice to meet new people and fans, and hook up with some bands we hadn't seen in a while. Good times!
More news coming soon about our upcoming album.


We are stoked to be playing The Committee To Keep Music Evil pre-party on Thursday, May 28 for Levitation in Austin, Texas. Looking forward to an incredible weekend of music! See our "shows" page for all the details.


Although it’s been a somber start to the year in the world of music, we’d like to wish everyone a happy 2016.
While we do have more tracks to record, we are making good progress on our next album (some songs are in the final mixing stage)! We’ll have some announcements coming up and hopefully some of the items that have been pending will come to fruition… so stay tuned.
Keep Music Evil.


Still recording...
Future happenings pending...
Over and out.


We've been busy recording... and will continue to be busy recording... until we are done recording.

We have a show on Tuesday, May 12, at Double Happiness in Columbus, Ohio with Flavor Crystals (Minneapolis) and Chui Wan (Beijing, China). With that line up it will be triple happiness.

All for now.