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We are... and have been... recording.
This is a recording. 


After a lengthy hiatus due to other commitments, our good friend Jerry Kranitz has resurrected his excellent Aural Innovations website, and the brand-spanking new Issue #41 includes a Floorian tour report/interview which updates various happenings in the past couple of years, along with a special merchandise offer. Check it out here.
Also in the new issue are a feature on The Vernon Dent (the solo project of our drummer, Larry Durica), a piece on our Columbus friends Quarkspace, and tons of record and show reviews... all available now for your perusal at Aural Innovations your global source for spacerock exploration!

In the meantime, we're holing up for the winter, firmly entrenched in recording new sounds. Hopefully we'll have another album done by early 2020... just kidding!  Anyway, it won't take nearly as long as "More Fiend", we promise.

All for now... 


We found our way home from the road trip relatively unscathed, and what a trip, indeed! Our shows with the Brian Jonestown Massacre were a blast. Thanks again to Anton Newcombe, Rob Campanella and all the BJM guys for having us along for the ride... Rob doubled as the tour manager, and his help and support on the road will forever be appreciated. Thanks also to our good friends Jerry Kranitz ( and Valis ( and KDHX DJ) for running our merch tables at the Cincinnati and St. Louis shows, respectively. And above all, thanks to all you fans out there! The response and overall good vibe from the crowds during our sets was amazing, and we were blown away by the gratitude and kind words from so many of you after each show, not to mention all the CD and t-shirt sales... thankyouthankyouthankyou! We hope to have some pics and video and maybe even a tour diary of sorts available soon... we'll keep you posted. If you have any photos or video you'd like to share, send us an email at All for now, keep on keepin on...


Greetings.  Thanks to everyone who came out to see our shows last month in NYC and Boston! What a trip. We had a great time, met lots of cool people, and learned a valuable lesson -- don't try to go through the Holland Tunnel pulling a U-Haul trailer. After getting sketchy directions from a cop who tried to re-route us to the Lincoln Tunnel, we ended up hopelessly lost in New Jersey and waaay late. Definitely a Spinal Tap-esque moment, except it wasn't very funny at the time. Thanks again to Jason Russo and Hopewell for helping us make our way there, unloading, parking, calming our frazzled nerves and getting us set up in record time. Best guys ever!

We're gearing up for our shows next month with the inimitable Brian Jonestown Massacre... here are the details again for those who may have missed it:

June 10 @ The Mad Hatter - Cincinnati/Covington Ky.
June 11 @ Off Broadway - St. Louis
June 13 @ Bluebird Theater - Denver
June 14 @ Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City

We're pretty stoked, hope to see you there... should be a blast!

We'll also be playing a show here in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, May 29 at Ruby Tuesday's with The Main Street Gospel and Fuzzhound. Stop on by for an evening of rawk.

And finally... our multi-talented drummer, Larry Durica, has struck again with his own project, The Vernon Dent, which recently released its second CD entitled "Louder". Includes members of Floorian and if you dig Floorian, you need to check this out! Experimental rock ear-candy at its finest. Go hear:

See you on the road or down the road...


Floorian hits the road! Yep, we've got a bunch of live dates coming up including shows with our old friends Hopewell and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Check out our shows page for all the details.

Floorian hits YouTube! Yep, our first foray into self-produced LD (LoDefinition) video is here for your perusal. 3D glasses not required for optimal viewing, but headphones will likely enhance the overall experience and may actually increase or decrease the pixelation, depending on your state. As for the music: after an endless grueling phase of recording which ultimately resulted in a new album last year, it's nice to get back to playing shows and return to rehearsal mode again. In addition to working out the set, sometimes we'll fire up the recorder, let loose and get lost for a while with no map and see where it goes. The music in this video is the result of one such cathartic excursion. Hope you enjoy it!

See you at a show...


A couple more reviews for "More Fiend" have drifted in from the other side. Check out the Press page if you dare.

We're currently working on a pair of video projects -- one for the song "How Far, How Fast", and another for a new instrumental piece we recorded live at a recent rehearsal. We hope to have them done in the next few months. In the meantime, if you haven't seen it yet, there's a brief but very cool promo video for "Or So They Say" up at YouTube, nimbly put together a while back by our friend, and video guru, Doug Reedy.

And last, but not least... while we're holing up for another long winter plotting and recording a new album, we're also planning some tour dates for the northeast in the spring. We've been compiling a bunch of new freaky video eye-candy to enhance your Floorian live experience, so don't miss it!

Enjoy the holidaze, see you in 2010...


Some more (inter)stellar reviews for "More Fiend" have been posted on the press page.  More good vibes from the scribes... always makes for some interesting reading.

Several songs from "More Fiend" have been played recently on the webcasts over at, one of our favorite sources for the outer fringes of music. Highly recommended, check it out!

And thanks to all the folks who came out to see our recent Columbus shows, along with kudos to the super-cool cats from Hopewell, The Main Street Gospel and T.V. Eye, who all laid down some seriously righteous and amazing sounds!


We have a couple of Columbus shows coming up, click here for more info... hopefully we'll have more coming soon.

Reviews for "More Fiend" are coming in... check out the press page for the first two.  Thanks to all of you who have bought the new album so far, hope you dig it!  And we always welcome feedback, so don't hesitate to drop us a line and let us know what you think.


New album, "More Fiend", officially released today!


Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio Show #212: 
Floorian New CD Release Special

Our good friend Jerry Kranitz, the mastermind behind the awesome Aural Innovations website, recently invited us to do an interview for his new webcast, and we were much obliged.  Listen as Jerry spins a bunch of Floorian tunes along with 16 other songs from some of our favorite bands, interspersed with Todd and John rambling semi-coherently about random Floorian ephemera.  All in glorious mono, to boot! 
(Drinking [etc.] game alert!  Instructions:  "ingest a unit" every time John utters "umm..." or "and uhh..." -- guaranteed results in no time!)

Hear here: 
-- One hundred forty-nine minutes of sonic insanity, available as both a stream or MP3 download.  Thanks Jerry!

And don't forget, our new album "More Fiend" will be available next Tuesday, March 10... the CD comes in a fabulous glossy gatefold eco-wallet with beautifully sinister artwork courtesy of the brilliant Scott Cole (  Thanks Scott!

All for now... over and out.

new floorian album out 3/10!
yes, it's true!... and the truth shall set us all free.  our second album, "more fiend", will be released on march 10.  the cd will be available at, and other online vendors, while digital downloads can be found at itunes and the myriad purveyors of mp3s and the like.  hope you dig it!  

we're also planning to play some shows on the east coast and wherever else we can make it as the year progresses, so stay tuned.

in the meantime, to tide you over, we've added a couple new songs to our sounds page, the first of which is "the lower room" from "more fiend".  the other is a cover of "sway", a song we recorded a couple years ago for a spiritualized tribute album which has yet to see the light of day, though the project has undergone a recent revival of sorts in the form of a myspace page -- "angel sighs: the music of j. spaceman and spiritualized".  you can hear "sway" there too, along with many other sweet spiritualized covers from a bunch of fine artists including our friends from st. louis, tone rodent.

more news updates soon... thanks for listening!

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