We have a show coming up on Saturday, April 19, at Mahall's in Cleveland. Drippy Eye Projections from Brooklyn will be providing the groovy eye candy for the event featuring Brujas del Sol, Fizzy Lifting Drink, Ma Holos, and us. Be there or be square.

Did an interview with The Blog That Celebrates Itself. Scroll down the page to find our answers to life's most important musical questions... thanks Renato!

Yes, we have been recording. Want proof? Well, you're just going to have to trust us for now.



Hey everybody! We're still here, keeping busy as usual. As another year comes to a close, it's time to catch up on a few things...

Recording has commenced for a new album, and it's going to be another wild ride!

Our drummer, Larry Durica, has released another fine slab of outrock with his alter-ego project, The Vernon Dent. Check out all four albums at this here Bandcamp page for a wicked dose of sonic insanity.

And lastly, a long overdue shout-out to everyone who made our road trip over the 4th of July weekend such a thing of beauty: 

So nice to play at the Empty Bottle in Chicago. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the show and to the friendly, accommodating staff who made us feel right at home.

Our experience at the Bathysphere festival in Minneapolis was simply jaw-dropping! Thanks to Collin Axell of the amazing Chatham Rise for inviting us and setting up the whole thing, and to the fine folks at First Avenue for a first-class production and service all the way. It was awesome to share the stage with so many great bands and we met so many groovy people... best time ever! Check out a slew of fantastic photos here.

And it was so cool to hang out with the fabulous Highspire, who we met at Bathysphere and then joined forces with for a "come down" show a few days later in Cleveland. You'll never find a nicer bunch of people!

All for now. Enjoy the holidaze... see you next year.


A few shows coming up in Chicago, Minneapolis and Cleveland. Check out our shows page for details.

If you're in Minneapolis Juy 5th and/or 6th. You're going to want to check out Bathysphere!

See you on the road!


A little catching up to do, so let's get to it.

We're planning some shows for the summer, plotting another album, and plugging some more Cosmosaic reviews.

Check back soon for show updates!



Greetings fans, friends and fiends.

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we'd like to give thanks to everyone who helped make this year so enjoyable for us...

Our west coast tour in May was an amazing experience! Thanks to all the great people who helped make it happen, along with the many fantastic bands we joined up with. And mostly, thanks to all the fans who came out to see us play. It was awesome meeting and chatting with so many of you. Your open ears and kind words will forever be appreciated! One of these dazes, we'll get around to posting some pics of the trip to our Spacebook page.

Thanks to everyone who came out for the "Cosmosaic" release show in July, and to the groovy Psychic Wheels and inimitable Evolution Control Committee for joining us. A really cool bill, and a good time was had by all. Thanks also to the fine folks at Rumba Cafe for hosting the festivities.

Thanks to our old friends, the Volta Sound, and Rosco (Sterling Roswell, former Spacemen 3 drummer!) for inviting us to play the Cleveland show in August. We hadn't played up there for a while... so nice to make some noise at the Grog Shop again. This latest incarnation of the Volta Sound was magnificent... just like every other incarnation! And Rosco's solo set was totally mesmerizing, as was hanging out with him afterward. Truly a super-nice, humble dude!

Thanks to more old friends, the fabulous Lab Partners, for making the trip from Dayton to join us for our show last month. They have a new album coming soon, can't wait to hear it! Thanks also to Ace Of Cups for having us... it's a really cool newish venue that hopefully can pick up where Stache's and Little Brother's left off all those years ago.

Thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet so that the following things could happen:

Several songs from "Cosmosaic" have been wafting through the waves of the interwebs. Thanks to Valis at KDHX, Jerry Kranitz at Aural Innovations, DJ Astro at Psychotropic Zone and Pete at Drug Music Webcast for playing our songs on their wondrous shows.

A few reviews for the new album are in. Thanks to The Other Paper, Aural Innovations and Psychotropic Zone for spreading the word!

Thanks to uberfan Blood Meridian for posting his mind-blowing videos to a bunch of our tunes on YouTube, not to mention all the other fans who have posted videos there as well.

And most importantly, thanks to all fans everywhere for your support.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Our new album, "Cosmosaic", officially releases today!
Buy it now on our merch page!
In the next week or so, it will become available at retailers and for digital download at all your favorite places.

Plus, we have some shows coming up. Come on out and say hello. We'll have our albums and tee shirts in tow.

Drop In. Drone On. Space Out.

See you on the west coast......


So we dug ourselves into a recording hole and then started digging to get out... and now we've emerged!

Here are 3 things of note:

1. Floorian will be touring the west coast in May. Here are the confirmed dates:

Saturday, May 5 - San Diego - Til Two Club
Tuesday, May 8 - San Francisco - The Knockout
Thursday, May 10 - Sacramento - Old Ironsides
Saturday, May 12 - Seattle - The Rat and Raven

We're hoping to add a few more dates... stay tuned.

2. Our 3rd album, "Cosmosaic", will be released in late May.
An official release date will be announced next month.

3. We're more social! If you call sitting at a computer being social?
Like us on Facebook, hate us on Twitter, or be totally indifferent on our YouTube channel. Click the links on our home page.

See you on the west coast!

Keep music evil.


Happy New Year!
We're digging our way out of our recording hole and will soon be delivering the goods. Shooting for our next album to be released this spring and hoping to announce some shows once things are confirmed.


You guessed it... we're still recording.
Stay tuned for further transmissions. 

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